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You sell goods or services, it does not matter. The important thing is that we know where millions of people are looking for similar offers.

business evolution Throughout all history of people aimed to optimize the work, to make it easier and effective. Business of development in a miscellaneous times differed from each other, but the essence remains to the same dissemination of information Now the most effective remedy of dissemination of information is the Internet, it integrates billions of people from all over the world. Billions of purchases and services are daily carried out, in this environment just does not exist business напровления which does not work. But there is a minimum requirement, you should place business to the sentence in the Internet portal, at least it is strange to iron without having the website and to be the dissatisfied growth of business or to try to compete about taken place competitors.

Ways creation of the websites

Wordpress It is possible to create the website of any type with organic opportunities, quality of the code --not bad--

Opencart It is possible to create good online store, quality of the code --are normal--

Bootstrap It is possible to create the website of any type with unlimited opportunities, quality of the code - are normal-

Flexbox It is possible to create the website of any type with unlimited opportunities, quality of the code --excellent--

Grid layout It is possible to create the website of any type with unlimited opportunities, quality of the code --excellent--

Php It is possible to create the website of any type with unlimited opportunities, quality of the code --excellent--

What business at you?

send your details and we will select the best options for your business site

    Our advantages are notable and powerful
  1. We do not take prepayment, you pay only that part of work which you saw and approved.
  2. Partial repayment, before each payment we will show you the done work and we will make amendments if you have them.
  3. Free service for 3 months, after creation of the website you have an opportunity 3 months free of charge to submit the application for modification.
    The best guarantee, is the transaction without prepayment.
    As you pay after completion of work, your risk is equal to zero, plus you will always be aware of the work course.
    Our motto to make you the favorable proposal
  1. If you ordered the website with the blank code, then receive exclusively competent code with separate comments the Sass file for the subsequent simple changes.
  2. If the website is made on the designer, then the easiest plug-ins will be added, we will teach to make changes in the website independently.
  3. We managed to combine the most useful to you at the most affordable prices.

Landing page

Landing page for selling one type of product or service. If you sell or provide one type of service, select this type of site. The cost of the site is from 5000 rubles. To view the functionality of the site or increase, click on the button Details> and add the functions of interest to you.

Your order costs 0 usd

Corporate website

The corporate website is intended for the developing organizations which have more than one section. If your organization provides more than one service or there are prospects of development, choose this type of the website. The cost of the website is from 5000 rubles. To look at functionality of the website or will increase, press the button In detail> and add the functions interesting you.

Your order costs 0 usd

Интернет магазин

The online store differs significantly from other types of websites as it has direct commercial orientation. This type of site has at least 50 offered assortments and there is an opportunity to index all the search engines. It can be prepared both with clean source and Wordpress and Opencart CMS. The cost of the site, starting from 1 000 USD, you can click on the detailed button and add the functions you are interested in.

Your order costs 0 usd

How to order a website

With such a large flow of information to have your own business and not have a website, a business can rise from 0 to 1 level, but not more. Since the key to the development and growth of any business is the dissemination of information about this activity and how widely and so successfully. As mentioned at the beginning, you don’t need a website, but if you notice that your users have already been informed about your business and the turnover has reached a certain stable size and you are not going to put up with the status of a regular employer, then you need a website and you don’t need to order it. with us, just follow our advice.

1-Pay attention to site design, it should be attractive, but not vulgar. It is not your tastes that is important here, but to it served a specific purpose, namely (to bring a conversion), the design should be simple and understandable. The person entered your site with a specific whole and it should not get lost, but it is easy to find what searched, remember that visitors to blow out of your site if within 6 seconds will not find something interesting. Pay attention to the sequence and tone of colors, color tones should be underlined by the beginning and end of the content. The maximum number of colors per page is 5. 2-Texts, as a rule, have two categories, informational and commercial. These two categories that at first glance do not differ from each other can actually give different results (good tangerines and buy good tangerines) may leave the same impressed, but browser robots that have evolved lately mean completely different interests. In the first case, the browser understands that you do not sell tangerines, but describe tangerines and if the visitor is looking for (buy tangerines), then the browser will give you the last option, well, because you you do not sell tangerines, but there is one nuance here if a person is just looking for (tangerines) then the browser will give your answer first, because you have an unselfish answer, you will do good simple inform the visitor and it is rated. Robots of modern browsers are so developed that they can read all the texts of your website and compare it with the texts of millions of websites and evaluate whether your text is original or not, from which site it was copied, is your text useful or boring and if it is useful how much interest? In addition, the lack of text will reduce the assessment of the site.

Programming is life in ideas, that is, what a person can put can be to program. What do you need the program to do for you? 1- creates a script, 2- creates logic, 3 - an action algorithm is created and the whole program is ready. How much detail to create these 3 Part of the program wake up looks better. The creation of the site uses two different languages. programming (Javascript-client part and php-server part). On the client side, all occurs without reloading pages, such as animation when scrolling or pasting content when you press on the button, briefly speaking, these are actions that the user includes with their actions. AT server side everything happens only when pages are reloaded, for example data collection, data insertion, communication between site visitors, security, etc. Site from which you are waiting increasing the conversion of your business should be adaptive, easy, have clean code especially not It was created with the help of designers and without any templates, and it was written with pens specifically under                     your task.

SEO promotion and optimization First of all, you need to check the code for validity, fill in all the required attributes of tags, content should be loaded according to logic (from lego to the right and from top to bottom), if the site contains  quote from another site, it must also be separated with the appropriate tag and link from where taken, important words or phrases should be marked on the corresponding tags. Picture it is desirable to put the original + description and names, the displayed size should be equal to the original (in some cases, for each size, the screens load a certain size of the image). Create a cache in the visitor's computer, enable gzip compression, if necessary, ask the programmer create cookies. Create a command to index pages (robots.txt), sitemap (sitemap.xml),connect webmasters.

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