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Hello! I’m Ani, I work at Strides Web Studio as a designer and animator, I have 5 years of experience as a designer and 2 years as an animator. I’m saying that for these very interesting 5 years I have gained a lot of experience with which I deserved this new workplace. I have developed projects in accordance with the requirements of analytical analyzes of marketers and my personal style approaches. A few words about site design, in essence, design is a creative activity and plays the most important role in website development, because the designer instructs the maker-up what functionality the site should have, how many words the co-operator will have on the page and much more, and at the end check their work.

Website design is of 2 types, responsive and responsive. Adaptive design is required by the Marketer (taking into account that young people often use phones and tablets and more expressive colors for them. They are usually impatient and important information should be on the first screen, font size should not be large, but stylish and many other circumstances. Therefore, in such sites, the content changes significantly when changing screens). In a responsive design, only the dimensions of the elements and their locations change, and the elements or colors do not change.

Animated banners are designed to represent a stock or a new range, unlike traditional banners, animated banners are placed on the site especially on the first screen. This is considered a small advertisement on your site, and the desired duration is 6 seconds. Since it is confirmed that a person looks at something new for a maximum of 6 seconds and if during this time he does not find anything interesting, then he / she stops viewing. Therefore, animation for 6 seconds in a small area should have an efficiency of at least 20%, otherwise it is better to put a simple banner there and in vain does not load the page.

Posters are promotional in nature and do not have standard sizes. When determining the effective dimensions, it is necessary to study the location and read the height so that at least 300 meters can be seen by the passerby. The peculiarity of the poster is that it affects the passerby, and if the passerby at this moment is not interested in your advertising, then in case of a good design, it will still be in her memory.


Hi, I’m Hovik, I’m working at Strides Web Studio as a front-end and back-end programmer, working as a front-end for 2 years and 1 year as a back-end. In the layout, I prefer the CSS3 Flexbox, Grid-layaut, Smart-Grid, Sass modules as they are the most reliable and innovative approaches. Being the most client, you don’t have to be aware of the differences in the available layout options, but I will try to explain them briefly. In fact, the layout designers work with Bootstrap or Flexbox and Grid-Layaut models.

Bootstrap allows the layout designer to quickly create a site at the expense of the library and is very effective, the site is adaptive and adopted by 87% of browsers. Unfortunately, it also has several disadvantages: 1 is connected to a large library of about 500 MB, 2 elements have many names, which in turn have some meaning. For clarity, I explain in more detail, imagine that you assign 5 cases to your assistant. In Bootstrap, it will look like this. Call your assistant 5 different names, pat you give her 2 libraries and say, read all this, find your names in the libraries and calculate their value, and then do this work on the values. Agree, this is not an easy process, but Bootstrap works this way, it's simple for the layout designer and confusing for browsers.

Flexbox using Smart-Grid or Sass allows the layout maker to create a website at the same speed as in Bootstrap. The difference lies in the fact that in this case no additional libraries are connected and the elements can have one name which can be assigned any value. As you can see in this case, the process becomes easier for both the browser and the developer, and more often this approach is useful for website promotion. In the end I will add that the model Bootstrap 4 is developed on the basis of the Flexbox. Of course, there are cases when Flexbox cannot cope with certain tasks, but in this case, the Almighty Grid-Layaut, which solves complex problems, helps. Flexbox is accepted by 96% of browsers, Grid-Layaut is 89%.

Modern websites often contain complex animations, calculators, a clickable button and everything that happens in the browser without refreshing the pages is done using the Javascript programming language. Javascript is used both in websites and in programming games, it is also rich in its libraries, but the most popular is Jquery. This programming language plays a big role in the development of sites, but for technical tasks php is used, server-side programming language. Php provides the site with unique dynamics, creates a database, adds them, downloads from there to the site, provides security and solves a number of technical problems. These two programming languages ​​are used by more than 90% of websites.

Text and Promotion

Hello everyone, I'm Amayak. I work at Strides Web Studio as a copywriting and SEO specialist, writing texts about various specialized activities. Experience 2 years, but the most important thing is that I love my work and try to quickly develop in this area. I’m a bit demanding with respect to programmers, but believe me otherwise, because the end result of any site is commerce and customers demand results from me. As an SEO specialist, I’m obliged to ask the designer to use only original photos from the developer so that the HTML document is light the interval of animation was observed, there are still a lot of little things that will allow the site to work even with a slow Internet. Well, from me honest work. I will prove everything else to work!


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